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    Esther Crena Uiterwijk


    Experienced recruitment strategist with a vast network in IT, (Online) Marketing & Sales and Life Sciences. Available as per Jan 2017. Either freelance or perm/temp. The content of the job matters more to me than the form of the contract.

    Hans Crena Uiterwijk

    Experienced Sales Manager | Global Sales Expert| Managed Services| Coach| Entrepreneur

    Hans has more than 20 years of experience in the IT and Telecommunications industry in various global sales and sales management roles.
    He is a professional in all that he undertakes and his focus is on the efficient and organized execution of his duties.

    Mr. Piet-Hein Crena Uiterwijk

    Adviser & accountant


    tax adviser & accountant
    Master of Laws
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    Michel van Maanen

    Directeur de la Performance at Transdev France

    Member of the General Management of Transdev France, with the objective of professionalising, standardising, industrialising and digitalising the operational excellence of Transdev France. Changing the company into a ‘one cultured’ synchronized cooperating lean-, agile-, modern-, profitable-, trendsetting- and foremost safe company.

    "An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning ability into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage..."​

    A hard-working and crea(c)tive team player with exceptional organizational, corporate process-, management- and communication skills, with experience in multinational service companies, always looking for the positive change to improve performance in a sustainable manner.

    "Think different....so live out of your imagination, not your history"


    Serbres Mooij

    Global Sales Specialist in Safety and Intelligence Solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies and Network


    I am a Multi lingual individual with European key contacts in the corporate segment of multi nationals.
    I’m very passionate about building new partner relationships whilst driving constant growth through the channel with a direct focus on the business opportunities.
    My entrepreneur skills have taught me that every situation is a unique one and you need to find the right opportunity in this. With this “out of the box” thinking I can create a customer that is enthusiast and willing to look further in the business to create a strategic fit. Enterprise customers find me more of a consultant than a salesman, this because I have the ability to think like my customer and understand their dynamics.
    I have excellent Presentation and Negotiation skills. My aim on deal closing makes me a very focused dealmaker.

    Menno de Boer

    International commercial manager at AM - Authentic Models

    Gedreven en ervaren commercieel verandermanager op directieniveau met bewezen beleidsmatige en people managementkwaliteiten. Commercieel dier, sterke focus op sales en marketing, ondernemende en enthousiaste people manager. Ruime ervaring in het opzetten en uitrollen van indirecte distributienetwerken in China, USA en Europa. Van plan tot uitvoering.

    Maurice Hoogendoorn

    Managing Partner Appalti voor commerciële coaching, interim salesmanagement en begeleiding van aanbestedingen

    U wilt winnen, meer uit uw sales-team halen en resultaten verhogen met een winnaarsmentaliteit.
    Hoe krijgt u weer focus op de business, focus op de sales-activiteiten en commitment van uw sales-medewerkers?
    Ik optimaliseer de bestaande sales-processen, haal meer uit sales-teams en zorg voor structuur door individuele coaching, werkbare kpi’s en het overtreffen van targets.

    Met meer dan 20 jaar ervaring in de commercie binnen de printingmarkt en telecombranche weet ik wat sales-medewerkers beweegt of juist weerhoudt om in actie te komen. Ik ben in staat om in competitieve branches het onderscheid te maken door pragmatisch, commercieel en creatief te handelen.

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